Personal Styling


I have spent the best part of the last 25 years either thinking about shopping, actually shopping, managing a shop or working as a Fashion Buyer.

People often asked me about my outfits or items I am wearing. This was one of the reasons why I started my fashion blog on Instagram back in 2016 @my_fashionforecast Its such a great community to share fashion and connect with like minded people.

I live, breath, eat and sleep fashion. It’s in my very soul. It’s all I ve ever wanted to do. I believe that if you look good you feel good and that gives you an inner confidence to go on and achieve what you need to achieve. I also know that not everyone has the interest or confidence when it comes to shopping and dressing themselves. As well as having the time to devote to searching for what they want and even like. Life is busy enough. It really is my absolute pleasure to shop for others, cleanse their wardrobes and create working capsule wardrobes that takes the stress out of it all for my clients.

Ultimately I give my clients Style Confidence and help them make sense of fashion and how they want to look.

Standard Package - £175

  • An initial 2-4 hour consultation with you and your wardrobe where we cleanse out the items you no longer wear or love. We focus on the items you do love, your wardrobe hero’s . We will also discuss what outfits and brands you love to wear and what you don’t like.

  • I will take you through some of the key trends of the season and give you some simple everyday styling tips.

  • I will produce you a detailed bespoke report of my recommendations of items you could buy to fit in around your wardrobe hero’s.

Premium Package - from £250

  • Everything in the standard package

  • After you have bought some of the items on the recommendations report I will come back to your house for a trying on session. Where we will build up a capsule wardrobe of fail safe outfits that you love and can keep going back to.

  • I will then provide you with another report detailing the outfits as an easy everyday reference point.

  • Alternatively we could have a half day session out at the shops and do the whole process there.

Gold Fashion Season Package - from £600

  • A consultation and full wardrobe cleanse every new season (6 months).

  • A day at the shops shopping and buying together items to wear back with your wardrobe hero’s.

  • A further try on session after the shopping day to confirm the outfit combinations with a full report detailing the outfits.

  • Ad hoc styling advice for a special occasion or a wardrobe drama as and when it occurs over a 6 month period